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GLOBUS Premium 200
2-year warranty 73 programs Rechargeable 4 channels fil electrodes

GLOBUS Premium 200

GLOBUS Premium 200, a flawless best seller!

This electro stimulator has quickly established itself as an indispensable device! With 73 well-designed programs, a 2+2 function and an intensity output of 120 mA, the GLOBUS Premium 200 offers the ultimate versatility and remains an essential best seller of our catalogue! More info

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GLOBUS Premium 200
GLOBUS Premium 200

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The Evaluation

GLOBUS Premium 200: the reference for electro stimulators! With this device, GLOBUS offers a perfect compromise between efficiency and versatility, while maintaining a competitive price.

Overall Performance :
Value for Money :
  • Price
  • Ultimate versatility
  • Features
  • Robust and reliable
  • User manual could be improved

GLOBUS Premium 200: an indispensable device!

Whether you are an athlete looking for performance, a sedentary person wanting to strengthen your silhouette, or a physiotherapist searching for a versatile device, the GLOBUS Premium 200 will meet your expectations! With an impressive number of features and 73 well-designed programs, the GLOBUS Premium 200 has established itself as one of the most versatile devices from our catalogue.
We particularly appreciate the selection of “Special Sport” programs, which let users benefit from all the GLOBUS knowledge to progress in their discipline: soccer, running, biking, martial arts, tennis, golf.

Other key strengths of the GLOBUS Premium 200:

  • Special Sport programs:GLOBUS brings its expertise to the benefit of athletes by providing a list of preset programs designed specifically for your sport (martial arts, soccer, tennis, biking, running, cross-country skiing, golf).
  • 2 + 2 Feature: Ability to perform 2 different programs simultaneously.
  • Automatic mode (Auto Stim®): With the GLOBUS Premium 200, you can carry out a program automatically without manually adjusting the stimulation intensity.
  • SynchroStim: Simply press one button to increase the intensity of the 4 channels simultaneously.
  • Last 10: The Premium 200 saves the last 10 programs executed to quickly and easily re-selected them.
  • Memo: This function creates a library of customized programs with settings for your individual goals.
  • Personal Trainer CD-ROM: This comprehensive CD-ROM guides you through the use of the electro stimulator, the selection of the programs and the stimulation protocols based on your personal goals (sport conditioning, shaping, muscle building, etc.).
  • Multi-User: With the Premium 200 you can share the use of the electro stimulator with several people while maintaining respective settings and preferences.
  • Gender specific applications: The programs are divided by gender in order to respect the physiological differences between men and women, and to achieve better results.
  • My Trainer: For certain programs, using the My Trainer function you can display directly on the screen the correct position of the electrodes. This is simple and very convenient if you do not want to always bring the electrode placement guide with you.
  • Back-lit display, for easy viewing and good readability in all situations.

73 "Real" programs  ·  7 application types

13 SPORT / TRAINING programs
(gender specific programs)
Capillarisation • Warm-up • Pre-competition warm-up • Active Recovery • Maximum strength • Resistance • Explosive strength • Aerobic resistance • Reactivity • Post-competition recovery • Relaxation • Hypertrophy • Dynamic work.

7 SPECIAL SPORT programs:
Running (Aerobic training, Aerobic competition, Aerobic rest) • Soccer (Strength, Resistance, Speed) • Tennis (Strength) • Biking (Aerobic work) • Martial arts (Explosive strength, Reactivity) • Cross-country skiing (Resistance & Endurance – preparation and competition) • Golf (Strength, Deltoid strength)

9 FITNESS programs
(gender specific programs)
Firming • BioPulse firming • Shaping • BioPulse shaping • Toning • Mass development • Body sculpting • Muscle definition • Jogging

13 BEAUTY programs
(gender specific programs)
Drainage • BioPulse drainage • Lipolysis • Energising massage • Connective massage • Swollen arms • Face capillarisation • Face-lifting effect • Arterial insufficiency • Venous insufficiency • Definition • Silhouette • Vascularization

+ 5 specific programs for Women: Post-partum drainage • Post-partum lipolysis • Post-partum firming • Breast firming • Breast shaping

20 PAIN RELIEF programs
Endorphinic TENS • Hematoma • Muscular contracture • Sciatica • Anti-stress • Cervico-brachial neuralgia • Lower back pain • Neck pain • Scapulohumeral periarthritis • Epicondylitis • Nausea • Carpal tunnel • Hip osteoarthritis • Patellar chondritis • Menstrual pain • Acute menstrual pain • Acute pain analgesic TENS • Chronic pain analgesic TENS • Modulated TENS • Extensive hematoma

Muscular atrophy recovery • Motor point pen • Muscle re-building • Strengthening • Mobilization • Agonist/Antagonist.

Your electrostimulator GLOBUS Premium 200 comes with:

GLOBUS Premium 200

  • 1 GLOBUS Premium 200 electro stimulator
  • 1 Carrier pouch
  • 1 Battery
  • 1 Charger
  • 4 Cables
  • 1 Bag of electrodes (50x50 mm)
  • 1 Bag of electrodes (50x100 mm)
  • 1 Personal Trainer CD-ROM
  • 1 User manual (show as PDF)
More information about GLOBUS Premium 200 ? Our Customer Service Team will answer you at 020 3318 9856 (standard-rate number).

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