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Thermo-Slimming Cream

PHYTOTECH Thermo-Slimming Cream

To treat the orange peel and firm up the skin, the Thermo-Slimming Cream with warm effect is used in a thick layer or with a warm protective cover to stimulate the sudation. More info

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PHYTOTECH Thermo-Slimming Cream

A warming action against the orange peel !

Attributes :

The Thermo-slimming cream is used in order to eliminate the orange peel and more generally, to tone up and firm up.
This smooth warm feeling combines draining action of the ivy and stimulation of the lipolysis (caffeine and guarana). The association of those active substances provides you a durable action, after the massage, thanks to this warm sensation.

Apply a thick layer on the skin. Give a vigorous rub firstly, then in a second time a smooth massage when the cream becomes a little bit oily, for a relaxing effect. Utilisable aussi pour favoriser la sudation dans les soins avec couverture chauffante.

Composants :

Main active substances : Extrait végétal de guarana. Emulsions H/E, extrait végétal de guarana, de lierre. Huiles essentielles de camphre, de bergamote, caféine.

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