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As early as 1975, CEFAR Medical began developing products using the existing technology and medical research on electrotherapy. For a long time, electrotherapy was just considered an alternative method for the treatment of pain. But today, TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator), EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) and electro acupuncture are accepted by doctors and physiotherapists.

CEFAR Electro Stimulators

Electrotherapy has proven to be an effective, symptom-free treatment method that reduces the costs for medical care.

The core of the CEFAR Medical activity was launched in their Lund headquarters, in Sweden. Working closely with the research teams of many prestigious hospitals, building a worldwide distribution network and developing their own line of products, CEFAR has become one of the major European companies in the field of electrotherapy. Having their own product development department has helped CEFAR develop many ideas and improvements on electro stimulators and for electro stimulation in general.

They meet the stringent safety requirements for this type of products and their programs are based on research and proven experience as to the best stimulation types, frequencies, pulse durations and so on.


CEFAR Medical, the historical competitor of COMPEX, rather a specialist of electro stimulation for the athletes, finally experienced an unexpected evolution; In 2008, the 2 companies CEFAR and COMPEX are acquired by the American Group DJO, already producing the medical Chattanooga product line. DJO brought together the two entities under a same name, CEFARCOMPEX. In 2009, they released their first medical devices under this new brand name (see www.physiotherapie.com).

These latest stimulators are taking advantage of the technological advances of the 2 development teams and offer a new range relevant to physiotherapists, athletes and individuals.


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