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CEFAR EMPI Tens Direct
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2-year warranty 13 programs Batteries 2 channels fil electrodes
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CEFAR EMPI Tens Direct

Easily manage your pain everywhere

Specially conceived to relieve the chronic, articular, post-operative and rheumatic pains, this TENS electro stimulator is small and light, and can be used everywhere. It offers some comprehensive predefined pain relief treatment programs for a very competitive price. More info

Selecting the right electrostimulator

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CEFAR EMPI Tens Direct
CEFAR Tens Empi Direct

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£50.00 -5% £48.00
The Evaluation

With this amazing device, CEFAR offers a very wide panel of pain relief treatments for a really low price!
This EMPI Tens Direct will be a delight for physiotherapists and pain clinics, as it addresses the needs of the pain relief market.

Overall Performance :
Value for Money :
  • An amazing panel of pain relief programs!
  • The integrated belt clip for easy use
  • Hotkey quick access to the main programs
  • Great value for the price
  • Of course it lacks some versatility, but can we really blame it for specializing in pain relief?
  • A note on a misleading product name: This is indeed a device from the American brand EMPI, distributed in France for 2 years by CEFAR under the name CEFAR EMPI Tens Direct.

The most affordable pain-killer on the market!

At just € 89, the EMPI Tens Direct, distributed by the CEFAR since 2010, looks like a cheap device from a small discount store... But given its strong capacity to relieve you of both your large and small pains, that’s not the case! Instead, we are dealing with a racing beast for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)! High Frequency TENS, Low Frequency TENS, Modulated TENS, Bi-Modual TENS, Burst TENS ... In short, the list is very exhaustive and it will let you address all types of pain and avoid any forms of habituation.
The EMPI Tens Direct, small, cheap, but tough!

An interesting ergonomics

With 5 buttons that provide direct access to major pain relief programs, the EMPI Tens Direct offers a simple and effective interface. You can simply select your favourite TENS program without having to go through the menus of the stimulator. A very strong point!

Other key strengths of the EMPI Tens Direct:

  • Integrated belt clip: The EMPI Tens Direct includes a built-in swivel belt clip, to achieve true hands-free electro stimulation.
  • Lightweight and discreet: Small and light, the EMPI Tens Direct can be worn and used discreetly throughout the entire day if necessary. Using its small carrying case, you can take it everywhere with you.

13 "Real" programs

1 / Low Frequency TENS
Indication: Kaada TENS (similar to acupuncture)

2 / Double Pulse TENS
Indication: Cervical spine syndrome • Tense muscles

3 / High Frequency TENS
Indication: Acute and intense back pains (lumbar spine)

4 / Bi-Modual TENS
Indication: Pressure type headache • Neck or lumbar pains • Radiating pain

5 / Burst 1 TENS
Indication: Tense muscles • Amputation stump/phantom limb pain • Herpes zoster algoneurodystrophya (RSD)

6 / Burst 2 TENS
Indication: Tense muscles • Amputation stump/phantom limb pain • Herpes zoster algoneurodystrophya (RSD)

7 / Massage
Indication: Back and lumbar pain • Joint pain

8 / Modulated TENS
Indication: Resistance to chronic pain therapy

9 / Continuous TENS
Indication: Fast relief from acute pain • Rapid acceptance of the therapy

10 / Classic Burst TENS
Indication: Long-term treatment • Reduces muscle fatigue

11 / Mixed Frequency TENS
Indication: Acute pain • Pleasant stimulation, even with higher intensity levels

12 / Multi-Modulation TENS
Indication: Chronic pain • Prevents habituation

13 / Simple Modulated Pulse TENS
Indication: Chronic pain • Prevents habituation

Your stimulator CEFAR EMPI Tens Direct comes with :

CEFAR EMPI Tens Direct

  • 1 EMPI Tens Direct electro stimulator
  • 1 Carrier pouch
  • 2 AA LR6 1.5V batteries
  • 2 Cables
  • 1 Bag of 4 electrodes (50x50 mm)
  • 1 Belt clip
  • 1 quick start manual
  • 1 CD of Use
  • 1 User manual (show as PDF)
  • 1 Bottle of conductive gel (250 ml) - FREE!
More information about CEFAR EMPI Tens Direct ? Our Customer Service Team will answer you at 020 3318 9856 (standard-rate number).

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