COMPEX, the world leader for electro stimulation.

Discover the COMPEX range

Today, Compex is THE World Reference for electro stimulation and uses its many years of experience and expertise to offer you the best of this technology.

Long used by professionals in the medical world, electrotherapy is now placed within the reach of a wider audience. The Compex electro stimulators cover a vast scope of applications: Physical Conditioning, Recovery, Off-season training, Resuming an activity, Pain relief or simply Fitness.

These electro stimulators are always designed from medical research.

Compex pour triathlète

COMPEX, at the forefront of technological innovation

After inventing the Mi Intelligence technology to take into account the specificities of each of your muscles and thus offer stimulation tailored to their characteristics, Compex invented the wireless electro stimulation with the Compex Wireless in 2012.

This unique device allows you to retain complete freedom of movement during your sessions. This freedom is a real bonus, especially when you want to do dynamic training. It works well for sports electro stimulation and for anyone looking to accurately develop certain muscle qualities associated with his sport.

A COMPEX for everyone

Compex offers high range electro stimulators to meet everyone's expectations: the Sport line for athletes who wish to progress and improve their performance, the Form line to maintain muscle fitness and a toned silhouette, and finally the Health line to ensure everyday well-being and comfort, and stay young in your body.

So whatever your personal goals, your can browse our Compex catalogue on and locate the training partner that suits you the best!

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