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3-year warranty 20 programs Rechargeable 4 channels snap electrodes
Compex SP 2.0 Sport + Offered
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Your partner for all your sport needs!

The COMPEX SP 2.0 is intended for occasional athletes who want to benefit from the advantages of electro stimulation before and after their workouts. A specialized MULTISPORT entry-level device that features the mi-Scan technology. You can do everything with it – tone your muscles, recover quickly and relax! More info

Selecting the right electrostimulator

OFFERED + £35.00 OFFERED OFFERED with your SP 2.0 I.E.: free shipping* + 1 Gel + 2 Set of 50x50 SNAP + 1 Coque ElectroFitness

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Compex SP 2.0 Sport + Offered

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The Evaluation

Drawing on COMPEX Energy and simplifying its range, Compex designed the SP 2.0, a reliable, easy-to-use device that is perfect for people who occasionally practise a sport.
It is an attractive entry-level device that lets you tone your muscles and effectively recover after your sport. In 3 words, it's a “very good partner”!

Overall Performance :
Value for Money :
  • “mi-Scan” technology
  • Rapid charging of the battery
  • Mixed and multi-sport product
  • “Soft Touch” coating
  • The shell was not redesigned for this new 2014 range – it's the same as for the previous models, which is a shame.

COMPEX SP 2.0: the athletic electro stimulation for all

Compex has enhanced its range of SPORT electro stimulators with a new design and truly easy access to its technology!

With the Compex SP 2.0, you benefit from a device that has been designed for your pre- and post-effort needs, no matter what the sport.
It offers all of the basic electro stimulation functions to meet your main sport requirements. Boasting 20 additional programs, it will first help you significantly improve your Physical Preparation and Fitness. It will then allow you to Recover faster and Relieve your pain.

Practise your sport in good company!

The Compex SP 2.0 offers programs dedicated to physical preparation. This application is ideal to effectively prepare before a competition and improve your personal performance. It also and especially has programs dedicated to pain relief and recovery. For example, to finish your sessions you can enjoy its relaxing massages.
Say goodbye to aches and pains that last several days!

For greater precision and effectiveness, simply use the mi-Scan function before your work session. It will automatically adjust the stimulation settings to match your physiology. This feature is significant since it guarantees much more comfortable electro stimulation sessions.
You will truly enjoy practising your sport!

Key strengths of the the COMPEX SP 2.0

  • Mi-Scan technology integrated:
    Just before starting your workout session, connect your mi-SENSOR cable to your device. Clip the head of the cable on one of the electrodes and start your program. With the mi-SCAN function, the mi-SENSOR scans the selected muscle group and automatically adjusts the stimulator’s settings to the excitability of this area of the body, based on your own physiology. This is a truly personalized measurement.
    The mi-SCAN feature adapts the electro stimulation session to the physiology of each user.
  • “Easy SNAP” connection system:
    This push-button system, simplifies the connection of the electrodes, in particular when reaching for the back or the neck.
  • “i” button:
    Simply press this button to increase the work intensity of the 4 channels simultaneously.
  • Back-lit Screen:
    For easy viewing and good readability in all situations.
  • Fast charge battery:
    Fully recharges within 4 1/2 hours.
  • Coming soon: A new Internet site dedicated to starting using your Compex SP 2.0 device and discovering the principal functions and tips for use, all with accompanying videos.

20 "Real" programs  ·  4 application types

• Endurance • Resistance • Strength • Explosive strength • Muscle building • Warm-up
• Capillarisation

4 FITNESS programs
• Tone your arms • Firm your thighs
• Tone your ABS • Shape your buttocks

• Post-training recovery • Relaxing massage • Reduce muscle soreness

6 PAIN RELIEF programs
• TENS pain relief • Relaxation • Muscular pains • Back pain • Heavy legs • Cramp prevention

Your stimulator COMPEX SP 2.0 comes with :


  • 1 COMPEX SP 2.0 electro stimulator
  • 4 Cables for connecting electrodes
  • 1 Mi Sensor Cable
  • 1 Quick-charging battery charger
  • 1 Bag of 8 SNAP electrodes (50 x 50 mm)
  • 1 Bag of 4 SNAP electrodes (50 x 100 mm)
  • 1 Instructional CD-Rom
  • 1 Poster explaining the programs
  • 1 Getting Started guide
  • 1 Bottle of conductive gel (250 ml) - FREE!
  • 2 Set of 4 x 50x50 mm SNAP electrodes - FREE!
  • 1 Coque ElectroFitness - Compex filaire - FREE!
More information about COMPEX SP 2.0 ? Our Customer Service Team will answer you at 020 3318 9856 (standard-rate number).

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