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COMPEX Fit 5.0
3-year warranty 30 programs Rechargeable 2 channels snap electrodes
Compex Fit 5.0 + Offered
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COMPEX Fit 5.0

The wireless technology accessible to everyone !

Designed for people who work out on a daily basis, the Compex Fit 5.0 Muscle Stimulator is at the very top of the Compex range.
With 30 programs it responds to any needs the user may have ! More info

Selecting the right electrostimulator

OFFERED + £46.00 OFFERED OFFERED with your Fit 5.0 I.E.: free shipping* + 1 Gel + 2 Set of 50x100 SNAP + 2 Set of 50x50 SNAP

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COMPEX Fit 5.0
Fit 5.0

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The Evaluation

For a similar price than a device with cables, you will enjoy the wireless technology !
Do not hesitate and choose this precious device with his novative design and her great performance. For the most , transform your 2 channels for a 4 channels buying the 2 extra modules.

Overall Performance :
Value for Money :
  • Mi-Scan and Mi-Range technology
  • Wireless technology
  • Versatile device
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Optionnal purchase of 2 extra modules

The Wireless technology accessible to everyone !

COMPEX Fit 5.0

The Fit 5.0 is on the same line than the Wireless model but this time fully dedicated to the Fitness.

Powerful and versatile, it has been created and designed for people who daily work out. One the of the best for this category !

By integrating the wireless technology, you will be totally free of movement. No more wires, you are going to enjoy his use every day as it is so convenient !

COMPEX Fit 5.0

The Compex Fit 5.0 features programs for various uses and offers the possibility to tone yourself without any cardiovascular workout. Your articulations and tendons are preserved from the strain that is involved by a physical activity.

Thanks to electrical signals, Compex insures you security, wellbeing and efficiency.

The Fit 5.0 is the perfect fitness companion to help you to achieve and maintain your goals quicker. And it also does not forgot to relax you

The Muscle Intelligence technology for more results

Equipped with the unique MI (muscle intelligence) technology, Compex stimulators adapt to each of your muscles to provide the most effective electrostimulation possible, while offering greater comfort and better performance.
The stimulator adapts itself to your physiology.
The Fit 5.0 features 2 levels of this technology.

Before beginning a workout, the muscle that you have chosen is scanned and the EMS device automatically adjusts stimulator parameters to your physiology. Each session is personalized to your current physical condition. It happens at the beginning of the program during a short time. After this scan, you must increase the intensity to begin the training.

This option scans your muscle and shows you directly on the screen the optimal intensity that you have to choose to realize an optimal work. It’s working for the recovery and massage programs. You will have first to increase the intensity and depending on the reaction of your muscles, it determines the optimal intensity for you.

COMPEX Fit 5.0

The association of an intuitive interface and the performance of Compex

COMPEX Fit 5.0

Compex Wireless devices offer an intuitive user interface.
Quickly select your canals that you want to use thanks to the 4 buttons and increase or decrease the intensity with the multifunction pad.

Your 10 preferred programs will be save in your favorite menu that corresponds to the last 10 programs realized and automatically registered.
The Cycles list is made for professional users who follow a specific and determined training.

In comparison to the Fit 3.0 device, theFit 5.0 offers 10 additional programs to warm up, to build your biceps; get stronger your shoulders, firm your muscles and above all well recover.

You will enjoy 2 specific Fitness programs :

  • Body power : the aim is to get stronger by increasing your muscles volume
  • Cross-training is a program that offers you to go further in your trainings. It increases the resistance of your muscles fibers by doing an intensive and extensive training.

To charge your remote control, Compex has created and ergonomic loading station where spaces are already prepared for the remote control and the modules.

Other main advantages of the Compex Fit 5.0

  • Placement of the electrodes :
    Visualize directly on the color LCD screen where to fix the electrodes depending on the program and in which position you have to be.
    A function very well appreciated by the users.

  • "Easy SNAP" connection :
    This system (SNAP) makes the connection of the cable to the electrodes easiest, particularly for the back and neck. With only one hand you can connect the cable and the electrodes !

  • LCD Screen :
    Enjoy a perfect vision and use thanks to the Back-lit LCD display in any situations.
    The color screen offers a real comfort for the users.

  • Quick charge battery :
    Full charge in less than 4h30.

  • A connected device :
    The Compex Fit 5.0 gets a web connection to download some extra information in your remote control. You have access to your proper training calendar and you can download the historical of the executed programs.
COMPEX Fit 5.0

30 "Real" programs  ·  4 application types

14 FITNESS Programs
• Firm your arms• Tone your thights
• Get a 6-pack • Get stronger biceps
• Build your shoulders • Build your pecs
• Firm your stomach • Shape your buttocks
• Body power • Cross-training • Muscle building
• Warm-up • Capillarisation • Lymphaticdrainage

10 PAIN RELIEF Programs
• Pain management TENS • Reduce muscle tension • Mucle pain • Neck pain • Back pain
• Lumbago • Epicondilitis • Tendinitis • Heavy legs • Cramp prevention

• Training recovery • Relaxing massage • Reduce muscl soreness • Reviving massage

• Muscle atrophy • Reinforcement

Your stimulator COMPEX Fit 5.0 comes with :

COMPEX Fit 5.0

  • 1 Remote control Fit 5.0
  • 1 Loading station
  • 2 Stimulation modules
  • 1 Quick charging battery charger
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 bag of SNAP electrodes (50 x 50 mm)
  • 1 bag of SNAP electrodes (50 x 100 mm)
  • 2 bags of SNAP electrodes 50 x 100 mm (single SNAP)
  • 1 Transport case
  • 1 Instruction manual
  • 1 Bottle of conductive gel (250 ml) - FREE!
  • 2 Set of 2 x 50x100 mm SNAP electrodes - FREE!
  • 2 Set of 4 x 50x50 mm SNAP electrodes - FREE!
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