GLOBUS, the Number 1 in Italy

Number 1 in Italy, GLOBUS has been present in the world of sport and physical therapy for over 20 years.

With a tested and proven expertise, GLOBUS develops a complete range of products for medical, sports and beauty purposes. Its expertise covers:

  • Motor skill assessment systems
  • Electrotherapy devices for individuals and professionals
  • Therapeutic ultrasound devices
  • Ultrasonic aesthetic devices (Cavitation)
  • Body vibration

Since 1983 GLOBUS has been running its own Research and Development centre. This centre provides a undeniable scientific advantage to innovate and propose new competitive and progressive devices.

Following a constant goal of developing technological innovations and testing new products, GLOBUS has forged close links with universities and research institutes worldwide.

Today, many health professionals use Globus products, as well as many professional athletes:

  • Miroslav “Mirek” Duch – Skiing European and World champion
  • Marco Bui – Mountain bike World champion 1999
  • Marco Pantani – Professional cyclist, winner of the 1998 Tour de France and the Tour of Italy (Giro)
  • Juventus FC Torino – Professional soccer team, several times champion of Italy, winner of the Champions League, winner of the UEFA Cup
  • Alberto Tomba – Ski Olympic and World champion
  • Chelsea Football Club (professional soccer team, several times winner of the Champions League, the UEFA Cup, Champion of England)   -   81, impasse Cugnot   -   ZAC de Mercorent   -   34500 Béziers   -   FRANCE
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