2-year warranty 100 programs Rechargeable 2 channels clip electrodes
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Master Pack Bluetens

BLUETENS Master Pack

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The Electrofitness.com Evaluation

The Bluetens, its 25 grams of high technology !
It could be proud of being the first connected device, easy to use and easily connected, all the team has been seduced by his efficacy !
From now on, doing EMS is so simple thanks to the Bluetens and the smartphone.

Overall Performance :
Value for Money :
  • Sync with your smartphone
  • A colored design and packaging
  • The app is simple and well thought-out
  • Evolutionary with already many programs !
  • No personalized follow-up or statistics

Prepare yourself to the well-being :)

Developed by a french company member of the French Tech since 2015, the Bluetens is the first connected electrical muscle stimulator available in 15 countries in Europe.

BLUETENS, le 1er électrostimulateur connecté

Medically certified, the Bluetens will help you in your daily life to relieve the pain, to relax and recover, and finally to strengthen your muscle.

Small but Strong ! It will surprise you with the power and possibility it offers. Last but not least, it is nomadic you could easily carry it everywhere.

Feeling well anywhere anytime is possible with the Bluetens that proposes 3 ACTIONS :

  • To Relax : Relaxation, recovery, unwind..forget fatigue and stress with your Bluetens' massages.
  • To Care : Programs that use two different stimulation ways to soothe your pain.
  • To Strengthen: To improve your performance by strengthening the muscle and developing its endurance.
Les effets BLUETENS

Once the action has been chosen, you get access into more than 100 programs with different kind of EFFECTS :

  • Friction :
    You will feel a diffuse effect, similar to swarming, a light and pleasant caress in order to relive you from pain. It cuts the pain message transmission.
  • Kneading :
    Such stimulation kneads and deeply relaxes your muscles. It relaxes your muscles and promptly relieve tension.

  • Pressure :
    A pacifying and relaxing sensation will be felt. The sensation will first be felt on the skin and, by increasing the intensity you will feel muscular tensions disappearing.

  • Striking :
    Brings you a real hitting sensation, increasing muscles' temperature, while preparing them for exercise.

  • Cladding :
    You will feel your muscle contracting and relaxing like during a cladding workout.

A app simple and complete !

To begin a Bluetens EMS session, it's very simple :

  • Download the Bluetens App (in Google Play or the App Store) on your phone.
  • Once you are logged in, choose the part of the body that you want to work.
  • Choose the action that you need : Care, Strengthen or Relax.
  • Choose your program and the effect that you want. Then, follow the electrodes placement instructions before beginning the session.

Fully enjoy your electrical stimulation workout !

Application BLUETENS

Les autres points forts du Bluetens :

  • La richesse de ses programmes : avec 15 parties du corps proposées, 5 effets et sensations et 3 types d’action, le Bluetens offre une panoplie de programmes qui vous permettront de répondre à l’ensemble de vos besoins
  • Une utilisation possible sans le smartphone : vous souhaitez faire une séance mais votre smartphone va être à cours de batterie ou ne l’avez pas sur vous ? Téléchargez simplement un programme pour le stocker en mémoire du Bluetens et l’utiliser sans smartphone !
  • Other strengths of the Bluetens :

    • Plenty of programs : 15 body areas proposed, 5 effects and sensations and 3 actions, the Bluetens offer a large catalog of programs to meet any needs you may have.
    • It's possible to use it without your smartphone : you want to use your Bluetens but your smartphone is out of battery or not in your pocket ? Download the program on your Bluetens to keep it in memory and use it without your smartphone !
    • A french system created by professional : the Bluetens, a french device, has been created by sport and health professional : physios, coach and doctors
    • A multiple choice of accessories : the brand offers a large offer of accessories to make your session greatest and easiest, from the belt clip to the wireless pack your use will be a pleasure!
    • Compatibility : Bluetens works with iOS and Androïd devices
    • Small size : Smallest than business card !
    • Very light : Only 25 grams !
    • Resistant : 1H of charge for 15 sessions
    • Medically recognized : IIA Classe
    • Warranty : 2 years

100 "Real" programs

Plenty of programs with 3 kind of actions are proposed for all your body :

Relaxation, recovery, unwind..forget fatigue and stress with your Bluetens' massages.

Programs that use two different stimulation ways to soothe your pain.

To improve your performance by strengthening the muscle and developing its endurance.

Your stimulator BLUETENS Master Pack comes with :

BLUETENS Master Pack

  • 1 Bluetens
  • 1 Pack of 12 electrodes (6 S and 6 M )
  • 1 USB cable for charging
  • 1 Cable to connect the electrodes
  • 1 User manual
  • 1 Protective plastic bag

  • 1 Protective pouch

  • 1 Belt clip

  • 1 Wireless clip

More information about BLUETENS Master Pack ? Our Customer Service Team will answer you at 020 3318 9856 (standard-rate number).

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