Selecting the right electro stimulator...

Is this device right for me? Why does it cost more or less than another device? We offer the widest selection of products on the market, but we don’t want to leave you scratching your head... Electrofitness gives you all the information you need to select the right electro simulator for you.
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1What are your “goals”?

  • Sport
    SPORT electro stimulators are designed for amateur and professional athletes participating in a serious training program for at least five hours a week.
    The programs offered by these electro stimulators are designed to increase strength, and improve muscle fibre capacity for sustained effort or assist in recovery after strenuous activity.
  • Fitness
    FITNESS electro simulators are for anyone seeking to improve their form or physical aesthetics, or to build muscle for occasional participation in sports activities. The programs offered by these electro simulators are designed to: tone the body, obtain a balanced silhouette with either sleek or exceptionally developed muscles (bodybuilding, for example).
  • Belts & Garments
    The “Belts & Garments” category, which falls in between the “Fitness” and “Weight Loss & Beauty” product lines, is for individuals looking to reshape and tone their abdominals and glutes.
    Products in the “Belts & Garments” category allow you to maintain your physique without taking time away from other daily activities (work, reading, household chores, etc.).
    Belts and shorts are very easy to use, and give you the freedom to move around without worrying about wires or electrode positioning.
  • Weight Loss & Beauty
    The emphasis is on improved muscular tone, skin appearance, firmness and relaxation. The devices are designed for individuals seeking a refined silhouette and toned skin. They offer programs to facilitate firming, draining and lypolysis.
  • Pain relief & rehabilitation
    There is no doubt about the efficacy of electro stimulation in the treatment of pain, rehabilitation or physical therapy.
    These devices are exactly like those used by your physiotherapist or doctor.
    This technique is particularly well-suited for the following applications: upper and lower back pain, epicondylitis, knee pain, arthritis

2 Technical criteria?

  • Should I choose a 2- or 4-channel device?
    One cable is connected to each channel. Each cable connects to two electrodes.

    A device with 2 channels allows you to stimulate 2 muscle groups (for example, both thighs) at the same time, using the same program. Devices providing 2 x 2 stimulation are 2-channels units attached to Y cables (splitters). This allows you to stimulate 4 muscle areas simultaneously, as with a 4-channel device; however, the power to each muscle group is halved. Electrofitness sells an accessory kit of Y cables for some devices. The kit allows you to turn your 2-channel device into a 4-channel kit at an affordable price.

    A 4-channel device allows you to stimulate 4 muscle groups simultaneously. The advantage of a 4-channel device is that you can engage several parts of the body at once, for incredible time savings (ex.: 4 electrodes on the abdominal muscles and 4 electrodes on the pectoral muscles).

    Devices offering 2 + 2 stimulation are advanced “4-channel” devices that allow you to apply 2 different programs to two regions simultaneously (ex.: recovery program for the quadriceps and sculpt program for the abdominals).
  • Number and Types of Programs
    Each electro simulator comes with a certain number of programs, or treatment sessions predefined by the manufacturer.
    Pay close attention to the types of programs that correspond to your goals (sport, fitness, etc.).
    Generally speaking, the higher quality models offer a wide range of sport, fitness or pain relief programs, depending on the product category.
    Electrofitness always specifies the real number of available programs for each device. We do not inflate the number by counting levels of progression within a single program (ex.: 1 program with 3 levels of progression.)
  • Power Supply for Devices
    There are several types of power supplies for electro simulators.

    Batteries: Typically 2 or 3 standard AA or AAA batteries can power an electro simulator for several sessions. This type of power supply is usually reserved for 2-channel devices. At higher intensity, battery life may drop (under 10 sessions for certain devices). Over one year of use, the cost of battery replacements is frequently higher than the price difference of a device running off of a storage battery.

    Storage batteries and accumulator batteries: Indicated with a special icon, this type of power supply ensure optimal autonomy of between 3-20 hours of use, depending on the type of program and intensity. Electrofitness recommends charging the device for several hours upon receipt and then three to five more times to optimize battery performance.

    “Quick charge” or “sector” storage batteries: this type of power supply is used in so-called “professional” grade equipment and enables the operation of the electro simulator while it is charging. This means that the device can be used for several consecutive hours without having to recharge the device in between patients.

3 Medical standards?

Medical standards requirements
Because your electro simulator comes into direct contact with your body, medical standards are essential to your safety and security.
All products sold by Electrofitness adhere to the strictest standards, including EC medical standards and standards applicable to the world of sports and paramedical services.
Standards compliance is not an optional feature for the products on our website.


  • Price and goals
    An electro simulator costs between € 150 and € 900. The budget for your purchase should be determined in relation to your intentions for using the device. If you intend to use your electro simulator extensively, your investment will be comparable in price to the cost of gym memberships or home gym equipment. High-end electro simulators tend to be more versatile (sport, fitness, well-being, beauty). The number of users should also be taken into consideration. If you intend for your whole family to share the electro simulator, look for a certain degree of versatility. For example, the use of relaxing EMS massage would appeal to athletes and non-athletes alike. Electrofitness allows you to pay for any purchases over € 300 in 3 instalments, making it easier to purchase a device that corresponds to your goals, but may be more expensive.
  • Price and Technical Criteria
    Technical characteristics are strongly correlated to the price of a device.
    - A 4-channel electro stimulator will be more expensive than a 2-channel device.
    - A storage battery power supply will cost more initially, but will quickly pay for itself in savings over recurrent AA or AAA battery purchases.
    - A versatile device offering a wide selection of programs will be more expensive than a device that only offers a few programs.
    Exceptions do exist and can be found in our catalogue. Some devices are technically better than their price would seem to indicate.
    Quality+Value: We highlight these devices in our catalogue with the “Quality+Value” distinction.
  • Price and versatility
    High-end electro simulators tend to be more versatile (sport, fitness, well-being, beauty). A high-quality “Sport” electro simulator would be ideal for competitive athletes, and should also include fitness, aesthetics, and massage programs. The number of users should also be taken into consideration. If you intend for your whole family to share the electro simulator, look for a certain degree of versatility.
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