SLENDERTONE Electro Stimulators

SLENDERTONE, the pursuit of simplicity

For over 40 years, SLENDERTONE products have been designed, manufactured and distributed worldwide by BMR (Bio-Medical Research) Ltd. The headquarters is located in Galway, Ireland.

After creating the first toning belt approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the United States market, SLENDERTONE now offers mostly electro stimulators for the general public.

The SLENDERTONE devices stand out from traditional electro stimulators by their great simplicity of use: electrodes are positioned at predefined locations and their programs are very intuitive and scalable.

The SLENDERTONE belts are mainly recommended for people who want to tone and refine their abs. The SLENDERTONE garments are recommended for those wishing to strengthen the muscles of the thighs and buttocks.

Today, with more than 4 million abdominal toning belts worldwide, the consumer brand SLENDERTONE is one of the world leaders in muscle building and body toning devices. All products are listed in the European Medical Device Directive. The belts and garments are controlled for a clinically proven effectiveness.

SLENDERTONE: Patented technology

SLENDERTONE electrodes

The predefined location of the electrodes ensures that all muscles in the target area are properly addressed by the stimulation of nerves involved.

Result: deep and powerful contractions without discomfort that, little by little, firm and strengthen your muscles.

The SLENDERTONE devices do not only target visible muscles. They also seek those who are harder to reach with conventional exercises.

The rectus abdominis (abs), the obliques (waist) and the transverse abdominis muscles are all stimulated. The latter wraps around the abdomen like a corset. It is essential to the stability of the lower back and very difficult to solicit through traditional exercises.   -   81, impasse Cugnot   -   ZAC de Mercorent   -   34500 Béziers   -   FRANCE
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