SPORECUP Electro Stimulators

SPORECUP is a trademark of the SCHWA-MEDICO company, a manufacturer of medical-oriented products with more than 30 years of experience in analgesic and muscle electro stimulators for physicians, pain relief specialists, and physiotherapists specializing in rehabilitation for individuals and athletes.

SPORECUP started developing sport-oriented devices a few years ago, first for the triathlon. Due to the difficulty of their sport and in particular the frequency of their workouts, tri-athletes have a significant need for recovery and pain relief. To meet their expectations, SPORECUP developed a technique called Dynamic Stimulation®, especially effective in these applications.

The benefits of the SPORECUP technique, in particular the Dynamic Stimulation® by rolling massage or percussion, very quickly proved indispensable due to its high efficiency with athletes during physical recovery, both for pain-relief and relaxation.

Available in training centres where its technique is an integral part of the recovery program offered to the athletes, SPORECUP also works directly with many athletes and high-level coaches.

Principle of the SPORECUP Dynamic Stimulation™

Unlike the usual programs, the Dynamic Stimulation™ is not always applied simultaneously on all channels, but moves in rolling waves under the 8 electrodes. The comfort of this stimulation is significantly higher than with conventional neuro-muscular stimulations. The shifting distribution between the 2 channels allows for Gate-control analgesic stimulation, like muscle relaxation by low frequency much better suited. For lymphatic drainage, the effect of deep muscle contraction is reinforced by the rolling motion provided by the Dynamic Stimulation®.


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