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LPG knowledges are recognized by the world for his anti-cellulite action technology and the new generation of the et Wellbox® is confirming it!
With this new Wellbox® S, enjoy a double times more powerful action thanks to her technology. Instead of going to the institute, your treatment can be realized at home for the same result and at a lower cost !

Overall Performance :
Value for Money :
  • 2 times more powerful than the previous one
  • 5 treatment heads to take care of your body and your face
  • Clinical results approved
  • Easy to use at home : only 6 minutes per day
  • New design
  • The weight

Discover the new Wellbox® S!

Wellbox S

The newest Wellbox® S, confirmes that it is a 100% natural solution to stimulate your appearance without any limit, only in 6 minutes per day at home. Effective and very easy to use, the Wellbox® S is the ideal partner for the body slimming and to get a younger looking face. Thanks to the LIFT and ROLL treatment heads you can reach all your beauty dreams.

Feature with the SPS+ technology, the Wellbox S has a two times better firming action as the previous Wellbox thanks to its more effective sequential suction. This new suction of 16hz (16 suctions per second) allows to better reinforce the skin structure and reshape the contours of the body and face.

Technologie SPS+ Wellbox

The Wellbox® S features 2 kinds of treatment heads, with valves (LIFT heads) and rolls (ROLL heads). LIFT heads deeply affect the skin thanks to the flap beats, combined with a sequential suction of both heads (LIFT 1 & 2). Body treatments with the Wellbox® S slim your body thanks to the motorized action of the ROLL heads (1), (2) and (3).

Têtes Roll et Lift Wellbox S
Wellbox Roll

Main benefits :

Face :

  • Visibly younger skin.
  • Less visible fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Face contour well defined.
  • A brighten complexion.
  • Face, neck, and decollete toned up.

Body :

  • A resculpted body.
  • A slimmed down figure.
  • Smoothed out dimples : cellulite less visible.
  • Reduce saddlebags.
  • Firmer skin.
  • Get a flat stomach.
Wellbox Lift

A very simple and guided use :

A treatment Wellbox® S lasts 6 minutes. We recommend you to use daily the device for the face, as the fibroblast, which is the skin youth cells, can accept it and only every two days for the body. Once you are satisfied with the results, treatments can be less regular. Keep using the Wellbox® S twice a week to optimize your results. Consistency is the key to success !

A Wellbox® S treatment is very simple. The Wellbox Routines will guide you on how to adjust the device, how long a session lasts, and the steps to follow using the ROLL and LIFT heads. Wellbox® S will quickly become a part of your daily beauty routine.

Wellbox S

The control panel of the Wellbox® S is very simple and ergonomic. It consists of 8 control key buttons and an LCD screen displaying the various settings to adjust depending on the treatment you want to do. 6 levels of intensity are available depending on your skin and sensibility. With a button "Start/Stop", "Timer" and "Pause" to begin, stop or cancel a treatment.
To recap, a treatment only lasts 6 minutes per area and per day. Once you are satisfied with the results, only 2 or 3 treatments per month are necessary to stay in shape.

Results clinically approved :

The Wellbox® S SPS+ technology is recognized since years by the science. Universities, independent laboratories and researchers have been called to try, and verify the Wellbox® S efficiency and treatment results.

Body benefits after 2 months of Wellbox® S treatment:

  • Up to 20% reduction in cellulite
  • Up to 3.5 cm reduction in thigh circumference

Face benefits after 2 months of Wellbox® S treatment :

  • A 53% reduction in skin sagging
  • A 44% reduction in frown lines

At the end of the treatment :

  • 100% of women were satisfied
  • 88% of women were convinced and want to continue.

Sources: Clinical study of 24 women, Centre de Pharmacologie Clinique Appliquée à la Dermatologie in Nice, Clinical study of 24 women, Laboratoire Dermexpert in Paris

Informations :

  • Made in France
  • Warranty : 2 years
  • Maintenance : Your Wellbox® S contains a protective filter that guarantees the extent of its useful life. It is recommended that this filter has to be replaced monthly to ensure a good working.
  • Don't use cream before the treatment, and do no wear protective pant when using the Wellbox® S
  • Power supply : power supply, device deliveres with four power socket adapters (UK / Malaysia / Singapour • North America / Central America / Japon • Europe • Australia / New Zealand).
  • Download your user guide in PDF ici.
  • Download your Face and Beauty Routines in PDF ici.
  • Download your Face and Beauty Routines for Men in PDF ici.

26 "Real" programs

12 Face Routines
 • For a youthful face
 • 8 suctions per second ( Anti-wrinkles action and anti-aging skin)
 • 16 suctions per second (Radiance action)

14 Body Routines
 • 4 suctions per second (Drainage action)
 • Suction in continue : (Detox action)
 • 16 suctions per second (Firming up action)

Your stimulator LPG WELLBOX® S comes with :


  • Wellbox® S
  • 1 power supply 220 V
  • 4 power supply adapters
  • 10 replacement filters
  • 1 connecting hose for the heads
  • 3 ROLL heads
  • 2 LIFT heads
  • 1 replacement flap for LIFT 1 head
  • 1 replacement flap for LIFT 2 head
  • 100 cleaning, antiseptic disposable wipes
  • 2 disassembly tools for he LIFT heads
  • 1 Quick start guide "My Wellbox and I"
  • 1 Balance TANITA HD-380 - FREE!
More information about LPG WELLBOX® S ? Our Customer Service Team will answer you at 020 3318 9856 (standard-rate number).

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